Musicians Wanted

The stories about churches asking musicians to work for free are terrible and, too often, absolutely true. So, if you make a living playing (or singing) music, this probably isn't for you. We aren't looking to use your talent for free when you deserve to be paid. Most of the team members are volunteers who love music, love Jesus, and enjoy using their gifts to lead our praise and worship. Some  have been doing this for almost two decades. Perhaps you would call us talented and experienced amateurs, or semi-professionals?

We are however, looking for an instrumentalist to be an assistant or co-leader.  For the right person, a small weekly honorarium is available.

If any of that sounds like you, we would love for you to join us.

Our Coffee House (11:15) worship service is growing and we would be willing to add more musicians to our Praise Team if they are a good "fit." Our team consists of piano, vocalists, an acoustic guitar, bass, drums and percussion but we have room for another guitar or a vocalist.  Other instruments are always a possibility too, so feel free to ask if you're interested.

This service is designed to look and feel more like a casual dining experience than a traditional worship service and musical selections are generally from the Contemporary Christian and Gospel genres as well as traditional hymns played in a contemporary style.  Musical selections and styles depend on the skills and preferences of our musicians.

We have fun playing music, but we'd have more fun if you came with us.

For more information contact Patti, our Praise Team leader, at 330-809-0590, the church office at 330-477-1204, or email us at

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