Thursday, April 20, 2017

Trinity Says Goodbye to Arlene Jarvis

This week Trinity said goodbye to our dear friend Arlene Jarvis.  I guess it would be fair to describe her as and "old" friend both since many of us here had known her for a long time, and because she was 98 year old.

Two things always stood out for me.  First, whenever I visited, Arlene was always smiling.  In the last few years she was losing her memory, was physically capable of doing fewer things than she wanted to do, had to leave her home and move into an assisted living facility, the very things that make many people bitter and angry.  But that wasn't Arlene.  She met her problems with grace and offered a smile to her visitors almost every single time.  She charmed the staff at her nursing home, the hospice workers who visited her, and just about everyone else that knew her.

Second, Arlene and her husband Delmar reminded us that in a age when everything is temporary, and that marriage itself seems to be in trouble, two people really could love each other for a lifetime.  Before Delmar passed away last year (13 months ago), they celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary together.  Here you can see a picture they allowed me to take a year or two ago.just after their 74th anniversary.  A lifetime together and still in love.

I have been blessed to know them.

You can read Arlene's Eulogy and Obituary here.

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