Monday, August 15, 2016

Upcoming Opportunities

Hi everyone!

This month, on August 27th we all have the opportunity to learn more about our neighbors who are struggling to make a life.  I hope that many of you will take advantage of the opportunity to join us at the Bridges Out of Poverty workshop.  If you were at church while I was away, you had a chance to meet Dr. Ken Price.  He is a dear friend, and is passionate about Jesus Christ, the mission of the church, and our need to reach out to the least and the lost.

I know that anyone who is interested in missions, or who meets with the Program Committee, the Trustees, Finance, Perry Helping Perry, or anyone who is a part of Trinity’s mission in our neighborhood and the Perry community will benefit from the information offered at this workshop.

Next month, Trinity Church will once again send a group to The Joy Center in Big Creek, Kentucky for a
week long work project.  Six members of our Trinity family have already told me that they are going or that they want to go and we have room for at least twice that many.  I will be contacting other churches and inviting their members to go along so if any of you are still interested, please let me know as soon as possible so we don’t give your “spot” to someone else. 

While we are in Kentucky we will be involved, as we were last year, with doing some small projects around the Joy Center itself, but also one larger construction project for a local person.  There are two different projects that we are considering and as soon as we know more about the people who are going with us, we will see which project best matches our skills and abilities.

Please consider joining our team.  We had a great time together last year and we not only did a lot of work, but we learned a lot about each other and grew together as fellow believers in Jesus Christ.  If you aren’t able to go with us, please consider making an offering to help defray the cost of our trip.  The official cost of the trip will be $350 per person plus the cost of fuel for the trip and our food for the week (which is not provided by the Joy Center).  Some of the people who will travel with us can afford to pay their own way, but some can’t.  Your contributions make it possible for them to go.  Thanks so much for all of your love and support.


Pastor John

***************IMPORTANT UPDATE**************

During our discussions with The Joy Center, in order to make it possible for more people to participate, we have negotiated a MUCH lower cost.  The official cost is now $10 per person, per night, plus our cost of food, gasoline, and materials for the project.


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