Thursday, March 5, 2015

Understanding the Changes to the Program Committee

   By now you have probably noticed that we are doing some things differently this year.  One of those things is not something that we decided to do, but one of those things that just happen.  The chairperson of the Program Committee decided to step down, and although we asked just about everyone ewe could think of, the Nominating Committee could not find anyone who was willing to step in and lead the Program Committee.  As a result, we are organizing that committee a little differently.  Instead of being a committee that is in charge of planning and holding events, Program will instead become a meeting of people whose groups are already in charge of holding events.  The Program Committee is now a regular meeting of leaders, essentially a “Council of Chiefs,” that will discuss what is being done, and delegate new events among themselves. 

    I suppose at this point, an example would clear things up better than a lengthy explanation.  Suppose the church wanted to hold a covered dish dinner.  In the past, someone would ask, a request would be made to the Program Committee, and the Program Committee would plan the dinner.  Now, since no one is technically “in charge” of the Program Committee, such a suggestion might still be discussed by that group, but before their meeting is over, the dinner, and its planning, will be delegated to the Hospitality Team, the Missions Team, the UMW, or some other group that is represented there.  The function of the Program Committee will no longer be to “plan and do” things, but to delegate the “planning and doing.”

    Like many other new things, I am certain that not everything will go as planned, some unexpected wrinkles will come up, and there will be some questions that we have not anticipated.  This is a work in progress.  Feel free to make suggestions and ask questions and we will find our way forward together.

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