Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Introducing the Hospitality Team

    This year we have added two new teams to our church organization.  One of these is the new Hospitality Team led by Marla Armstrong.  For the most part, the Hospitality Team will not be doing a lot of “new” things as much as they will be coordinating things that we’ve been trying to do, piecemeal, for some time.  They will be overseeing the greeters, ordering mugs for visitors, writing (and revising) information flyers and other things that we already do but for which there was no central point of authority.  What I am asking this team to do is to develop a process by which we move visitors toward membership and full participation in the life of Trinity Church.

    I know that some of you are asking, “What does he mean by “a process?”  I know this might be a new way of looking at it, but I think you have already thought about this, but never had an organized way to get it done.  What I am asking the Hospitality Team to do is to pull together everything that we already do to:

A)     Attract visitors
B)      Welcome Visitors
C)      Retain Visitors
D)     Transition Visitors into membership and full participation.

    As they begin to pull these things together, we will be able to see where the “gaps” are, where we are missing things, and to develop new things to make a smoother transition from visitor to member.

    It is important to remember that this is new to us.  What the Hospitality Team does will feel awkward at first.  Their “job description” is a little fuzzy.  What they do, and how they do it, will evolve over time as they discover what they are good at, and as we better understand what Trinity needs.

    Some of the things that we know the team will be doing is to edit our welcome flyers, create information packets for new attenders, be responsible for visitor gifts (mugs, etc), be responsible for advertising, develop training or “checklists” for greeters, and probably a few things no one had thought of just yet.

    If you have an interest in any of the things that I have described, especially if you have a particular skill in one or more of these areas, I encourage you to contact Marla and offer to help.

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