Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Time for Renewal

    As I write, spring is attempting to break into Northern Ohio.  Sometimes Mother Nature seems to be off of her medication as we swing wildly between sun, snow, rain, fog, warm and cold all in the span of a day of two.  But all the same, time marches on and the calendar advances.  We have already passed the equinox and the first official day of spring.  It will soon be April and Easter.  And before you know it we will be outside in short sleeves enjoying the fresh air.

But this is also a time to remember the symbolism of both Easter and spring.

    During this time of the year we see eggs, baby ducks and chicks everywhere.  We see spring flowers emerging from their winter’s sleep and the trees budding, and it seems like the whole earth is bursting with new life.

It is a time of renewal, new beginnings, and second chances.

And Easter is a reminder to seek spiritual renewal as well.

    The crucifixion, death and resurrection remind us that Christ’s sacrifice gave us hope and a second chance.

    Each New Year we make resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more, and lose weight.  We resolve to give up smoking, swearing and other bad habits.

So during this season of renewal, why not start something spiritual?

    Take this as an opportunity to read the Bible more often, pray, join a Sunday School class or Bible study, come to youth group, go to church camp, attend church more often, or if you’ve gotten out of the habit of attending, now is a wonderful time to come back. 

Much like the spring, Trinity church is filled with new growth, new opportunities and is filled with hope.

You wouldn’t want to miss getting outside into the fresh air in the springtime.

You don’t want to miss what’s happening here at Trinity either.

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