Sunday, August 31, 2014

Planning for Next Year (Charge Conference)

    It is that time again.  By the end of next month we will need to complete our preparations for our annual Charge Conference.  That means that in the days ahead we will be making budgets, filling out forms, reviewing past performance, and searching for leaders and volunteers for next year.  Some of these things have already begun and you will hear of others soon. 

I hope that you will be in prayer for our church during this process.

    Our leadership has a significant impact on the direction of our church as well as our motivation to get things done.  Good leaders inspire us and move us forward.  But we need followers too.  Without volunteers, our leaders won’t get much done.  The chairperson of a committee, team or working group can’t do much by themselves. 

It takes all of us working together.

    As the Nominating Committee meets in the days and weeks ahead, I hope that each of you will consider, prayerfully, how God might be calling you to be a part of our ministry here at Trinity Church.  If you aren’t sure how you “fit” or how you can help, please take the time to ask me.  There is much to be done and there is a place for every one of us.

    There are some things that we will be doing differently this year.  I am hoping that they make things easier but also allow us to put a new emphasis on important tasks and allow some of our volunteers to do things that they are passionate about.  You can probably expect to hear an announcement (or three) about these changes in the weeks ahead.

Until then, consider what God might be asking you to do.

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