Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ask the Pastor

    A while back I asked our youth a question.  I passed out index cards and asked them to ask me anything.  I wanted them to ask me questions that were bothering them, questions about church, about faith, Christianity, or anything else.  For the past several weeks, and likely for the next month or two, I have been answering those questions and then posting the answers on my blog online.

    Many of the questions are good (and sometimes difficult) and it occurs to me that you may have asked some of the same questions.  For that reason, I invite you to stop by my online home at my Crossfusion blog and read them for yourself.  But I also invite you to ask your own questions - church folk as well as online readers.  Feel free to ask me anything about church, faith, Christianity, Methodism, political issues, or anything else that bothers you or you are concerned or confused about.  Deep and detailed answers might just become a sermon (or even a series) and shorter answers might be answered online. 

    In any case, ask away and I’ll do my best to find your answers.

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