Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Small Act - (A Challenge)

    On Palm Sunday, I challenged everyone to do “one small act” for someone else and then report back to me.  Everyone had a sheet of paper and wrote down my “homework assignment.”  So far only two people have turned anything in.  Although I am a little disappointed, I also understand that in the midst of our preparations for Easter something like this might easily be forgotten. 

So today I am reminding you.

    We make a thousand decisions every day, from which toothpaste to use, to which car to take to the grocery store, and all sorts of other things.  Our choices don’t have to be big ones to make a big difference.  Many times in history the world has been changed simply because one person did something remarkably simple.  We believe that God is in control.  We also believe that God has a plan for our lives and for the world.  That means that even our smallest choices, our smallest acts, can be used by God to make an impact in the lives of others.

In the hands of God, one small act can change the world.

    And so, my assignment still stands.  As spring finally arrives, our weather finally improves, and we begin to come out of our winter hibernation, please be aware of the needs of the people around you. 

    On Palm Sunday I threw out a few suggestions: Volunteer an hour of your time to visit someone who is lonely.  Buy an extra can of food for someone that is hungry.  Smile.  A kind word or a friendly face can change the course of an entire day.  Donate blood.  Cry with a friend or offer a shoulder to cry on.  Share Jesus with a neighbor.  Take a casserole to a neighbor who has health problems.  Offer to watch the children of a young family that can’t afford a baby sitter.  This may sound small, but others did this for us when our children were small and trust me, this was a generous and amazing gift.  Invite a single friend to dinner.  Did you know that for singles away from home, as well as many widows and widowers, family holidays like Christmas and Easter are the hardest to get through?  What’s one more chair at the table?  Buy a box of diapers or a can of formula for a single parent.  Do you know how expensive that stuff can be?  Offer to wash an elderly neighbor’s car or shovel their walk in the winter.

    I am certain that you can think of many more than I have.  I am even more certain that God can give us some truly awesome ideas if we listen.  Please accept this three part assignment:

              1) Pray.  Ask God to lead you to a person that needs your help and to show you what you can do for them.

        2)      Do it.

        3)      Report back.
    I hope that next month I will be able to write an article about the many “small acts” that the people of Trinity have been doing.

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