Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Place for Everyone

    I have often said that there is a place for everyone in the church.  God has uniquely created each one of us with a set of skills and talents like no one else.  The problem for many of us is in finding how (and where) our gifts and talents match the needs of the church.  Recently I announced two new ways in which you can be involved.  The first is one I expect that many in the church can be involved, even if you are not especially mobile.  No strong backs or good knees are needed. 

    During two recent meetings it was pointed out that we have many guests in our church during the Perry Helping Perry food pantry and meetings for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  So, it was suggested, why not provide a box in which our guests could drop prayer requests?  In this way we could show our neighbors that we care about them and are willing to pray for their needs.  Everyone thought that this was a good idea, but then we asked, if we do this for our guests, why not our members as well?  That made a lot of sense as well.  Over the next day or two I got to thinking and it occurred to me that there was a problem.  If we took prayer requests and promised to pray about, for, and over them, who would do the actual praying?  That’s where you come in.  Won’t you consider being a part of our brand new, Trinity Prayer Team?  We haven’t begun yet, but what I imagine is that each month we will collect the prayer requests that we have received, type them up, and send them to everyone on the Prayer Team, folks at church, at home or even out of state.  For the next month we ask that you would pray for those people and things for which others have requested prayer, and then, the next month we would do it all over again.  Prayers could be said in the morning, in the evening, during your regular prayer time, lunch time or anytime.  So how about it?  Will you join our team?  Just let us know in the church office and we’ll put your name on the list.

    The second opportunity grows out of the amazing response we had to our Advent Bible study.  I expected that if we had a dozen, it would be a nice group but some nights there were fifty people in attendance.  To me, this suggests that our members and friends might like to be involved in a regular Bible study of some sort.  The problem is that ten or twelve is as large as you really want a Bible study group and if we break it down to groups that size, there is no way that I have enough time to lead five Bible studies.  So in order to offer enough Bible studies for those who might be interested, we need teacher and leaders.  But that’s a problem too, because lots of people will tell me that they are afraid, or that they don’t know how to do that.  I understand completely.  That described me twenty years ago.  But I learned how to do it.  

It wasn’t that difficult to learn and if I did it, you can too.

    In order to solve two problems at once, I am offering to teach a class of future teachers.  Let me be clear about this, no one who joins this class will be obligated to teach anything.  But if you are interested, or curious, of think that, maybe, you would be willing to teach a class if only you knew how to do it, or had a little more confidence, then this is for you.  Once we get a handful of interested people, I will schedule a time that works for all of us sometime between now and fall.  During the class we will talk about how to choose a Bible study, where to find them, how to afford them, how to lead them, what other resources you might want, or need, or can borrow, and I will try to answer any questions that anyone can think of.  What’s more, during the class, we will all take turns (with lots of help and patience) teaching the class so that, in the end, everyone will have new skills as well as some practical experience.   

Trust me, you can do this.

    I already have two lists started, one for the new Trinity Prayer Team and one for the “How to Teach a Bible Study” class.  God has uniquely created each one of us with a set of skills and talents like no one else.  Could this be the thing you’ve been made to do?  Let me know and I will add your name to the list.


Pastor John

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