Monday, February 18, 2013

Help Wanted

UPDATE:  On March 14th Trinity announced the hiring of our new church secretary, Courtney Grisez.  You can find that announcement here:  "Meet Courtney."    Obviously, as this position has now been filled, we are no longer accepting applications.


We are sad to announce that our wonderful secretary, Melissa, will be leaving us for another job (more hours, etc.). She wasn't even looking but someone found her (they must have heard how awesome she was). We are sad that she is leaving but we wish her well and we hope she will visit us once in a while. 

But if Melissa is leaving, we have a problem.  Now we need to find a new secretary who can do all the things that Melissa has been doing before the end of the month. 


If you know anyone who might qualify, please contact us here at the church office.

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